Business Growth

Phailaav Marketing’s strategic alliance is an arrangement between two companies to undertake a mutually beneficial project while each retains its independence. The agreement is less complex and less binding than a joint venture, in which two businesses pool resources to create a separate business entity.

With Phailaav’s expertise , Azzo entered into a strategic alliances with interior designers to expand into a new market, improve its product line & develop an edge over a competitor. The business alliance allowed both ,Azzo & Interior Designers to work toward a common goal that benefited both.

Business Growth & Alliance Strategy Results

The effects of forming a strategic alliance was allowing each of the businesses to achieve organic growth more quickly than if they had acted alone. The partnership entailed sharing complimentary resources from each partner for the overall benefit of the alliance. Azzo increased their sales and expanded their business by getting into alliance with various interior designers.

Regardless of the industry or type of business, strategic alliances are the best way for a company to compete and succeed in today’s networked economy. But building a strategic alliance and making it work are not easy. Partnering well is a key core competence, and it is one that needs to be developed. Connect with Phailaav Marketing to grow your business with strategic alliances.