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We are a digital performance marketing agency based in Delhi, India helping brands, businesses and organizations around the globe build Digital Legacies. At Phailaav Marketing we use a bespoke mix of media, technology and creative services to drive real results for our clients globally.

Our analytical approach to these unique marketing disciplines means we have the expertise and fluidity to move across channels seamlessly. With roots in marketing, we have over ten years’ experience delivering a range of services for our clients.

Phailaav Marketing services create a custom-bridge for your customers by optimized solutions that drive demand and engagement right from the first impression. Watch your brand story come alive tailor-made by our professional team. 


We are a team of passionate marketing experts who are detail-oriented and committed to delivering end-to-end transparent conversions of your business. Putting every ounce of innovation, dedication and skill – we help you scale your business growth. Your target is our vision, fuelled by optimization of revenue to deliver measurable results!

Because of our strong foundation based on 4 pillars of Marketing, Branding, Advertising & Public Relations & the methods we follow, we are unique in the execution, reporting, effectiveness and ROI that we provide in our marketing approach. This has made us the leading digital marketing experts in India.

Search Engine Optimization 88%
Marketing Analysis 70%


Research gives an insight into the profiles of consumers and provides with necessary data for making good business decisions.

Data Collection

By utilizing past data and predictive analytics, businesses can now generate better return on investment (ROI) and provide insights that can lead to effective business strategies.


We identify and then intentionally aims created content, connections and the use of platforms toward a specific demographic, psychographic and geographic audience, their needs and concerns.


Results you should be tracking include Traffic, Leads, and Customers. A complete understanding from where your traffic is coming, who your leads are and ultimately how to make customers come back for more defines your success.


Marketing is the act of promoting and selling products and services by leveraging online marketing tactics such as social media marketing, search marketing, email marketing and much more. In many ways, digital marketing is no different than traditional marketing. In both, smart organizations seek to develop mutually beneficial relationships with prospects, leads, and customers.

Digital marketing has replaced most traditional marketing tactics because it’s designed to reach today’s consumers. Unlike traditional marketing—which is static and often referred to as “one-way” communication—digital marketing is an ever-changing, dynamic process. Stated otherwise, customers cannot interact with business through a billboard or print ad, whereas digital marketing provides an avenue for two-way communication between a business and its actual or prospective customers. 

Having a strong digital presence will help you in multiple ways. It will make it easier to create awareness and engagement both before and after the sale. It will also help you convert new buyers into rabid fans who buy more (and more often). Digital marketing will kick start word-of-mouth and social sharing—and all the benefits that come with them. 

Overall, businesses of every shape and size can achieve powerful benefits through effective use of digital marketing methods. Furthermore, the cost of digital marketing can be tailored to each specific business, stripping many barriers to entry of traditional methods. With so many benefits available for just about any budget, it makes sense why so many businesses are succeeding with digital marketing efforts.

Marketing is arguably one of the most common terminologies used in the world of business. Marketing is so important that no business venture can survive without it. But come to think of it, what is marketing?

A brand may choose to work with either of these or use both. But between both, online marketing has proven to be the most employed. Online or Digital marketing is the act of promoting and selling products and services by leveraging online marketing tactics such as social media marketing search marketing, email marketing and much more. In many ways, digital marketing is no different than traditional marketing. In both, smart organizations seek to develop mutually beneficial relationships with prospects, leads, and customers.


Branding is a creative, strategic process of telling potential customers what your company is all about: who you are, what you care about, why they should work with you & what they can expect from you. After you’ve started a business or created your first product, building a brand identity should be your number one priority.

Branding distills everything about what you do and how you do it into a singular, memorable essence that people will remember and continuously associates with your company. Branding is the process of designing and building a unique, memorable brand. Your brand identity is the set of creative elements that feed into the branding process—like your website, social media and logo—that broadcast your message, values and purpose. Digital branding is how you design and build your brand online through websites, apps, social media, video and more. 

A robust digital presence makes customers feel personally involved with a company or product. Well-crafted branding fosters relationships with users and allows you to speak directly with consumers through day-to-day interactions on the platforms they’re already using. Your company’s online presence is the premiere mode by which most potential customers will learn about and interact with your brand. Digital branding lets you zero-in on your audience by targeting specific customer groups through the online platforms they use most frequently.

Digital branding isn’t just about selling your wares, but developing a passionate, loyal customer base that not only buys your products, but believes in them. Bottom line: Keep things fresh, authentic and truthful. Need a hand with your digital branding? We can do the legwork for you by designing your logo, website and more!


One of the biggest challenges in marketing is traffic. How can we easily and affordably get people’s attention, push them to our websites, and convert them to subscribers and customers? The secret is digital advertising. And if you understand how to make it work, it can give you full control over your traffic flow and help you sell more too. 

Digital advertising is defined as a form of marketing or advertising where businesses leverage internet technologies to deliver their promotional advertisements to customers. In simple words, if you see an ad on the internet, it is called digital advertising.

Digital advertising has become a major component of modern day marketing strategies-and if it’s not part of your business strategy, it should be. Whether your business is B2B or B2C, by implementing digital advertisements correctly, you’ll be able to successfully grow your online presence, and ultimately foster more conversions and sales. Now more than ever, digital advertisements allow your company to have more visibility throughout a much wider audience. However, if your ads aren’t well thought out, you most likely won’t get the outcome you’re hoping for. Whether it be the design, channel, or messaging elements, every aspect of the advertisement needs to be taken into consideration for it to work in your favor. 

A digital advertising strategy is a set of actions on the various digital platforms according to the objectives and resources available to the company. The strategy needs to consider what the company’s goals are, the resources available to achieve those goals, and, of course, define a buyer persona for your business. Also, it is essential to continually monitor and evaluate each of your choices, making sure that they are resulting as expected.

Ultimately, digital advertising can be the key to success for any company looking to market effectively to the appropriate audience.

Public Relations

In today’s digital world cultivating a strong Public Relations (PR) strategy is no longer just a print-based project. While newspapers and magazines can be helpful PR tools, utilizing digital marketing is an easy, efficient and effective way for any company to build their brand. PR is all about expanding your consumer audience and increasing name recognition. With today’s digital-first consumer it is easier than ever for PR practitioners to generate powerful publicity with only a few clicks. 

Gone are the days of one-way marketing campaigns. Instead of publishing advertisements consumers may stumble upon in magazines or on TV, digital marketing creates campaigns that people want to engage with. Whether it’s videos, Instagram stories, or infographics, generating product-centered content on social media platforms is one of the most exciting aspects of digital marketing. Creative online content draws the consumers in with visual appeal while also allowing them to interact with posts through likes, comments, and shares. This increased interaction leads to a higher conversion of site visitors into leads and grows your company’s online platform. 

Digital marketing is all about managing effective relationships with customers. Public relations is more about defining and strengthening a company’s brand image through outreach to consumers, other businesses, and influencers. Whether you use digital analytics or create promotional content for online influencers, digital marketing allows for your company to maximize its impact on the internet. Digital marketing is not only efficient, but it also encourages the creation of campaigns that are interactive and user-driven. Even though digital marketing is a shift away from traditional advertising, it’s been a major modern tool for every successful business. The popularity of digital marketing proves that it’s time for your business to stop relying on traditional PR strategy and start using the internet to your advantage.

In digital marketing, a public relations is the most effective method to communicate and relate to the market. It is one of the most cost-effective methods of all promotional activities. Overall, public relation helps companies to maintain their image and build an effective relationship with their potential customers.

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