Cafe Maestro

Cafe Maestro

Phailaav Marketing built customer loyalty program strategy specifically designed for Cafe Maestro and their customers. Customer loyalty programs help track the spending of repeat customers then reward that loyalty with points that can be exchanged for rewards. Rewards for Cafe Maestro loyalty program typically included discounted meals, free menu items, or access to exclusive events and services.

A loyalty program is necessary for business doers as it helps to remain a sustainable number of customers to make purchases at stores. In other words, loyalty program pays the way for the continuous revenues for a business.

Positive customer experiences are the foundation of every successful restaurant and well-executed loyalty program. Before implementing the loyalty program, it was imperative that they had a satisfied consumer base .Our strategy was to ensure that the cafe had a satisfied base who was willing to opt for their loyalty program.

Phailaav’s vast array of digital marketing strategies such as SEO, Opt-in Email marketing & enhanced social media presence also helped the business attract new franchisees & gain company exposure.

Each company needs a unique and strategic marketing approach which will help conduct consistent communication between both the franchisor and the franchisee. Digital marketing is vital to franchise growth and if done properly, can be fun and simple!

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