How A Travel Company Succeeded With Phailaav’s Social Media Online Marketing Services.

How A Travel Company Succeeded With Phailaav’s Social Media Online Marketing Services.

Noir Shisha -A shisha company wanted to build alliances, target those who’d be most interested in using their products and services, and tell the story of the brand. They wanted an online solution to acquire new clients at a higher rate , by better engaging target groups about their products & build alliances with right partners for Pan India distribution of their products .

Starting or expanding a business takes more than just a good business plan and product. It also requires avenues for getting your products to the right customers at the right time. Phailaav Marketing helped Noir Shisha find channels of distribution which involved building deep strategic alliances with the right partners that allowed them to accomplish their business goals .

We ensured that relationships were mutually beneficial ,resulting in growth for both organizations. Along with this we provided regular organic industry-specific posting (5 per week) on Instagram.

Social Media Management Results

Before Phailaav, this company had a completely fresh Instagram account, with no followers and no content. By providing valuable and eye-catching content, and utilizing popular industry hashtags, their profile saw a high organic growth of new followers over the course of just 4 months. Boosting specific posts & products through Instagram reels helped to increase the reach and engagement of the posts, turning them into a “short-term” advertisement. We targeted these boosts specifically to those who may have been interested in the particular topic or product .

n addition to these posts and campaigns, Phailaav also systematically reviewed all comments and interaction on the company’s social profiles, responding to all questions and continuing conversation initiated by followers.

Business Growth Strategy Results

Landing a distributor was the way to go for Noir Shisha. Noir Shisha established a presence on leading marketplaces & the next step was to get the product to as many potential customers as  possible. With combined experience of digital marketing and business growth strategy , we landed with the right distributor that dramatically increased sales and helped them reach untapped market.

If you’re a food & beverage related company hoping to build alliances & target those who might be interested in availing your services then business growth startegy & social media marketing may very well be a great solution for your business! Phailaav’s social media & business growth specialists can help you acquire new distributors & clients and better engage your target groups about your products . Contact us for more information today!

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